We like videos. We love technology. But the world of video distribution is not lovable. It’s a spaghetti mess of tools, technologies and platforms that make it really difficult to effectively grow a video viewership.

Vemba is here to change that. Vemba is redefining video distribution, creating technology that simplifies the way videos get distributed. We’re creating new business models for media companies and helping our customers stay at the forefront of online video.

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Team Vemba
  • Norbert Horvath Norbert Horvath
    Norbert Horvath Founder and CTO
  • Stephen Bach Stephen Bach
    Stephen Bach CEO
  • Brad Marks Brad Marks
    Brad Marks Head of Product
  • Mike Srilapa Mike Srilapa
    Mike Srilapa Head Of Operations
  • Travis Provick Travis Provick
    Travis Provick Director of Software Development
  • Jonathan Wolf Jonathan Wolf
    Mary Broadfoot Director of Ad Operations and Analytics
  • Ahad Yarazavi Ahad Yarazavi
    Ahad Yarazavi Technical Product Manager
  • Hiren Patel Hiren Patel
    Hiren Patel Full Stack Developer
  • Bijan Mahjani Bijan Mahjani
    Bijan Mahjani Full Stack Developer
  • Drin Brown Drin Brown
    Drin Brown Sr Engineer & Systems Analyst
  • Trevor Jablonowski Trevor Jablonowski
    Trevor Jablonowski Content and Account Manager
  • David Warshafsky David Warshafsky
    David Warshafsky Finance Manager
  • Borys Pochodaj Borys Pochodaj
    Borys Pochodaj Infrastructure and Systems Administrator
  • Reaves Carrington Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships
  • Will Auther Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships
  • Arianna Vogel Arianna Vogel
    Arianna Vogel Marketing & Influencer Community Development
  • Tara Cunningham Tara Cunningham
    Tara Cunningham Partnerships & Business Development
  • Reza Karami Reza Karami
    Reza Karami Back End Developer
  • Sam Eding Sam Eding
    Sam Eding Back End Developer
  • Flo Badejo Flo Badejo
    Flo Badejo Account Management
  • Geronimo de Abreu Geronimo de Abreu
    Gerónimo De Abreu Back End Developer
  • Hilary Chalmers Hilary Chalmers
    Hilary Chalmers Product Manager
  • Hilary Chalmers Hilary Chalmers
    Patrick Priestley Manager, Quality Assurance
  • Hilary Chalmers Hilary Chalmers
    Wil Turrin Senior Software Engineer
  • Hilary Chalmers Hilary Chalmers
    Josh Berg Publisher Development Engineer
  • Nellie Nellie
    Nellie Chaser of all-things
  • Harley Harley
    Harley Chaser of no-things
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